Please complete the following to be certified as a volunteer for Conquest events

1. RC Activities Volunteer Certification  (valid for 3 years)
    -Includes a background check – fee of @ $20.
   Link is : https://missionnetwork.com/volunteers
   Set up a login first, then fill into the information.
2. Safe Environment depending upon which diocese your reside.
for Dallas Diocese Certification : https://www.cathdal.org/a-safe-environment
for Austin Diocese Certification : https://austindiocese.org/eim
for Houston Diocese Certification : https://www.archgh.org/offices-ministries/office-of-child-and-youth-protection/safe-environment-training-for-adults 
3. Please send me your date of birth for our insurance records.

Send a copy of your Mission Network Certificate and up-to-date Diocese Safe Environment Training (a screenshot will do) to carrie.g.frain@gmail.com

That’s It!

Thank you for your patience and dedication! We really appreciate you taking the time to volunteer!