What is ECYD?

ECyD is an international Catholic association of youth who participate in programs or activities that spark specific experiences, convictions and decisions that mark their Christian way of life. ECyD is the way Regnum Christi seeks to respond to the needs of today’s youth. ECyD stands for Experiences, Convictions, and your Decisions.

Conquest is “Powered by ECyD”. Members can make a “Pledge of Friendship with Christ” and receive tools that can put them on a gradual path of building their relationship with Christ, develop a prayer life and learn about how to live virtue. Each member receives a Pledge Card, which contains regular commitments that can help the boys develop that relationship. They also receive a symbol by grade level, to remind them of this pledge. In 5th grade they receive a Medal of Mary, in 6th grade a Rosary ring, in 7th grade the New Testament, in 8th Grade a candle, in 9th grade the ECYD cross, in 10th grade the YouCat and in 11th & 12th grade they receive a crucifix.

Download a presentation explaining how Conquest is “Powered by ECyd” (.pdf format)

View a Prezi presentation for parents and families online.